Saturday, July 30, 2011


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 Teacher tipster has something for all teachers, new and old. This guy is hilarious and opens all his videos with some kind of joke. He has videos for everything from going in the hallway to what to do for the summer. He even has a cd out with all his original songs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Back

Hey blogging family,

It's been a century since I have written something on here, or at least it feels like it. The school year is less than 1 month away. During the summer, the month of July, I have been reading my life away.
The first book was The Book Whisperer.
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It has inspired me to become a lifelong reader myself. Yes, I said it. I never really read for enjoyment. I only read because I was made to and I got by with it too. But thanks to Donalyn she has inspired to find material that enjoy reading about. So needless to say Barnes & Noble is my new favorite store. I have spent countless hours on the website and have taken many trips to the actual store. I have purchased 4 new books.
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I read the cafe in 1 day and starting the The Daily 5 tomorrow. I'm so excited about implementing this program into my daily schedule this year. If anyone has read these two books in uses them in a K-2 setting, please share your strategies.