Sunday, November 18, 2012

National Board

Since I was in the 4th grade I have always wanted to be a teacher. That dream came true 7 years ago. Since then I have always been searching for ways to become better at my career. In May, I will have graduated with my Master's with a concentration in Reading. Since I can see light at the end of that tunnel, I decided why not add something else to my plate, thus the idea of becoming nationally board certified was born.
So, last month I registered to start that process. Last week I received that special package and was all smiles.  My coordinating teacher took this picture, so that whenever I am stressed I can look back at the time when I was so excited to keep me motivated.

A week into the process, I have a big thick binder of all the paper work I need to read, and a wondering mind as to where to even start. I would love to link up with anyone who is going through this processor has been through it.

Until then, keep checking back for my progress, tears, excitement, and thoughts on the process!

Time to catch up!

Hello my blogging family,

It has been a while since I have had time to check in with you guys. I hope everyone is doing well. There has been so much going on with my life it would take me months to catch everyone up. So instead, I am going to share just a few blurbs of what has happened so far.


 I have a unique student in my room. His name is Jordan. He goes home with other students on the weekend. They love writing about what they do with Jordan.

We have started a book club at my K-2 school. We
meet everyday before school for 30 minutes. We sing, 
read books, do activities, and write our own

Principal reading to students.

To celebrate how excited we are about reading, the whole school dressed up as their favorite book character.                             
Muah, dressed as Olivia the pig.

                                                                       Jordan even got into character.

 Student teacher dressed as the mouse
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

We had a door decorating contest about being drug free. My student teacher did this door and did a great job. I love how she tied the election in with it.

trying it out