Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrating Dr. Suess's Birthday

Who knows what was so special about today?
 Yay it was Dr. Suess birthday. My class celebrated by completing many activities using Dr. Suess books.
Our first activity was of course to make a Cat in the Hat, hat. We put rhyming words on the white strips and used butcher paper for the headband.

We also read the books The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Who would have ever thought Dr. Suess books would take twenty minutes to read. LOL! They were GREAT though. Not once did I have to redirect my kids attention. We compared and contrasted these two books and made a foldable. The students got to drag the story elements to the correct part of the venn diagram using our MIMIO. I"ll add those pictures later. Sorry : (

We then read the book I Can Lick 30 Tigers. We have been talking about how we can group items to make them easier to count. The students picked an object and grouped them by 2's, 5's, or 10's. They then wrote about it.
After lunch we reflected about the character The Cat in the Hat by formulating adjective and adjective phrases describing him. The student got to write different adjectives on the MIMIO to help them finish their circle map. I got this idea from a website on the Dr. Suess Linking Party. Sorry I don't have the exact address but definitely think it was creative. My kids enjoyed making these.

We didn't get to finish all the activities, but the kids enjoyed every bit of the day. We will continue to do a few more actvities the rest of the week and I will add them too.

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!!!

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